The PETAWATT12 series of amps and cabinets are our flagship products. They are powerful, clean and have a unique audible flavor not heard in many years. Each amp, cabinet and combo is handcrafted using the best parts available, classic techniques and military spec wiring.

Just looking inside the chassis reveals the craftsmanship and attention to detail not seen in any mass produced amp. What you get is something distinctive, a tone that will be custom to you, not a sound that is everywhere.

These amps aren’t mass produced and can only be purchased directly or from select guitar shops. The goal is for you to not only have the best handcrafted amp available, but also to have local specialists for you to count on whenever you have guitar needs.

PETAWATT12 amps are inspired by the late 60‘s and early 70‘s British tone from guys by the name David, Jimmy and Pete. They all had signature sounds that have been lost over the years, but can now be yours.

These amps have a beautiful, rich, clean, yet complex sound on their own. Like most guitar players, you’ve spent a lot of time amassing pedals and other effects to craft your sound. The PETAWATT12 line will bring out the best in your investments. Whether you play rhythm, lead or bass we have the amplifier for you. When matched with a custom cabinet, your sound will be a force to be reckoned with.

Why the 12? These amps go to 12, because sometimes 11 is not enough! This amp, especially with a good boost in front of it, is REALLY loud. We believe you shouldn’t have limitations on your available power.

We don’t believe in doing anything half-assed, so we don’t cut corners. We want you to have an amp that will last you a lifetime, that’s why we are in business. Apart from valve replacement and a recap (in about 20 years) your amp should be virtually maintenance free.