Our cabinets are constructed of only the best, void-free, 3/4”, Baltic birch available. Just like our amps they’re completely hand built using tried and true methods like 3/4” dovetail joints. Other companies use pine, plastic handles, thinner panels and inferior connection joints.


4x12 Guitar Cab (model SC412G)


2x12 Bass Cab (model SC212B)

The cabinets are available in the following stock configurations:

All of our cabinets come preloaded with Fane speakers, made in the UK, for that purely vintage vibe. Not only are they powerful, they sound fantastic. The cabs are hand wired using Evidence Audio Siren II ® cable to keep your tone as pristine as possible. This may be one of the best cabinets you’ve ever heard. We pay close attention to all the details to give you a beautiful instrument to match your amp and your style.

To complete the crafting of the cabinets comes custom tolex choices. In case out standard, classic black basketweave isn’t to your taste, choose one of the swatches below.


Guitar (loaded with Fane Medusa 150c’s)

2x12 (300W)

4x12 (600W)

Bass (loaded with Fane speakers)

2x12 (Studio 12L’s) (400W)

1x15 (AX 15-300B) (300W)

* custom speakers and configurations are available upon request



Levant/ Western



Rough/ Etc.



Taurus/ Ostrich

Tweed/ Smooth